Garden Center

Our Garden Center, located at 8125 Germantown Ave in Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill neighborhood, has been a staple of the community for over two decades.  We offer a multitude of plants during the growing season.  Offering such a large variety, our customers are sure to find something that will grow well in their garden. 

If you stop into the shop you will also notice we offer a number of product lines created by local merchants.  Handmade birdhouses, craft pickles, cocktail mixes and decorative throw pillows are just a few examples.

Our staff is also very diligent about rescuing antique garden artifacts and houseware pieces and repurposing them to fit our plant based business.  We've been known to create a beautiful annual plant display in old copper kettles and rest some preciously potted African Violets on an antique china plate.

  • annuals
  • perennials
  • shrubs
  • trees
  • tropical specimens
  • houseplants

Recently we renovated one of our structures and turned it into a permanent greenhouse.  It now houses a mix of tropical and warm temperature loving plants that can be used as houseplants.  Our inventory is always changing and we encourage you to stop in regularly to see what new plants we have brought in.

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